Syncing addressbook of Ubuntuphone using syncevolution

One of the things I miss most on Ubuntuphone is to sync addresses and calenders using CalDAV and CardDAV. At least for addresses I found a working solution in syncevolution.

Based on this article I successfully set up my Ubuntuphone to sync my addresses hosted on

The OS on my phone ist Ubuntu 14.10 (r16) where syncevolution already is pre-installed.
So the first steps to install syncevolution mentioned in the article are not neccessary any longer.

Syncevolution is configured on the command line.
I used the adb-shell on my Ubuntu-computer to do this but you also can use the terminal-app on the phone.
In both cases the root-password you are asked for is the same than the one you use to unlock your phone.

To open the shell in the computer just type adb shell in the terminal. Ensure that your device is connected with the computer and unlocked. Type in the password when you are asked for it.

To become root type in su – phablet.

When using the terminal on your device you are prompted to type in the root-password.

In the following I use my provider as example. With some modifications this should work with any other CardDAV-Server as well.

To set up syncevolution type in the following commands. Ensure that you change things like username or password accordingly.

syncevolution --configure --template WebDAV username=[youremailaddress] password=[yourpassword] syncURL=[youremailaddresswithoutdomain]/default/ keyring=no target-config@posteo

syncevolution --configure database=[youremailaddresswithoutdomain]/default/ backend=carddav target-config@posteo myaddressbook

syncevolution --configure --template SyncEvolution_Client sync=none syncURL=local://@posteo username= password= posteo

syncevolution --configure sync=two-way backend=addressbook database= posteo myaddressbook

syncevolution --sync slow posteo myaddressbook

This should start the initial sync with your addressbook.

To sync the addressbook later again you just have to enter the command

syncevolution posteo myaddressbook

I tried to modify this to set up sync of my calendar hosted at as well.
This however failed with the following error:

unsupported media type or format (local, status 10415)

If anybody has ideas on this issue I would be thankful to hear.

Edit 2015/03/31: You need to have developer mode enabled on your ubuntuphone to get this work!
This is done in settings / Info … (I do not know the exact menu name as my phone is set on german language)


9 Gedanken zu “Syncing addressbook of Ubuntuphone using syncevolution

    • Unfortunately no. I have no idea on how to import .vcf files.
      I have used ubuntu touch for several months now on a Nexus 4. I received a bq device as well but did not find the time to test it yet.

      Gefällt mir

      • Guest schreibt:

        You’ll have to send an Email with that file. Openeing it in your application ob the phone you’re asked which program should open it. Choose contacts and you’re done.

        Gefällt mir

  1. Mit den folgenden Zeilen werden auch Kontakte synchronisiert.

    syncevolution –configure –template WebDAV username=[youremailaddresswithoutdomain] password='[yourpassword]‘ keyring=no target-config@posteo
    syncevolution –configure database=[youremailaddresswithoutdomain]/default/ backend=caldav target-config@posteo mycalendar
    syncevolution –configure –template SyncEvolution_Client sync=none syncURL=local://@posteo username= password= posteo
    syncevolution –configure sync=two-way backend=calendar database= posteo mycalendar
    syncevolution –sync slow posteo mycalendar

    # Sync both at once (can probably be added to /etc/crontab)
    syncevolution posteo mycalendar myaddressbook

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